Football Analysis and Research Laboratory makes the charts and tactical combinations. This helps to develop players' intelligence in football.

We work out new game combinations and take into account how a certain team uses the sports arena determining active playing zones.

Analysis Steps

  • data collection
  • database formation
  • data monitoring of technical, tactical and physical condition of a certain player or the whole team
  • analysis and modelling of individual and team actions
  • recommendations for improving individual and team playing

Our laboratory gives information on analysis of certain games, teams and players

  • Game analysis— videotape of a single game is enough for us to analyze the game in details.
  • Team analysis — using a package of matches of a team, we provide you with information on general game strategies and playing style of a team.
  • Players analysis – a detailed style and performance report which contains the information on a player's individual and in-team behavior, it can be used before transferring or in training.

Our programs