Efficiency card

Efficiency card is a tactical program for a particular player according to his position on the field and his tactical role. The main purpose of such individual program is to make the player's work more contributing and, thereby, improve the play of the whole team. «Efficiency card» is a personal development program.


Building up an individual «Efficiency card» we form player's detailed data (from player touch and possession to team passing channels and trends), then we take the data of a real player and transfer them to a desirable player image defining maximum and minimum permissible indexes of each parameter. The choice of vital parameters is determined by player's tactical role.


Having defined optimal parameters' indexes we reverse them to a real player to check whether he is able to act according to a pre-set tactical plan or will be able after a special training program.

Data received after the research are used to work out an individual training program - a set of exercises which helps to master player's technical and tactical skills and intellectual abilities.

Modeling in football is very perspective, because it gives opportunities to apply new technologies to life and make big progress.

Efficiency Card Program advantages

Faster player development    The program brings the players face-to-face with their own strengths and weaknesses, and they will become highly motivated to enhance their skills. Professional analysis and modelling give an opportunity to predict the intensity of players professional growth and, thus, raise their status.

Better team development    «Efficiency card» per each team player helps the coach build up playing strategies and make the team performance most effective taking into consideration strong and weak points of every player.

Successful coaching    Dreaming to enhance the efficiency of your players? Intelligent movement developing is the key. The more you understand your players the better results you get. «Efficiency card» program enables you with effective training methods and approaches. Encourage your team and become successful!

Recommendations    On the basis of the stats our laboratory analyzes player's individual and in-team behavior and gives recommendations for improving individual and team playing.

More time in your day    We'll do all routine work and save your time. All you have to do is to follow our recommendations step by step!

Easier Recruiting and Player Identification     Planning to make a profitable transfer? Efficiency Card Program provides you with a detailed style and performance report, it contains the information on a player's individual and in-team behavior which can be used before transferring.

More Money in your Budget     Getting «Efficiency card» and our recommendations the coaches will spend more time coaching their team and, thus, get better results sooner! Saving time you save money.


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