Today to heads of clubs and trainers quality and efficiency of game actions are important not only results on a digital board, but also. This it is possible by means of new methods, programs of trainings and the new schemes of game developed by our company, created on July, 1st 2020

Centre of science-analytical ФАИЛ offers you the New scientific edition-methodical « the Matrix of football ».
The new project and new technologies in football and tactics of game is offered

In the book are presented:
• New tactical combinations and variants of game in attack and defense of your command and the contender
• Variants of realization голевых the moments, training and formation of thinking
• New ways of development of physical and technical parameters of players
• Exercise for development coordination and powers of thinking of football players in complex tactical variants of game of a ball

• The Complex of exercises for development of speed and accuracy of movements, transfers of a ball and impacts on a gate

Football - sports №1 in Russia and all over the world! Every day the number of players and fans grows.
Football of the future is a football of matrix forms, non-standard game thinking, non-standard performance of technical elements and non-standard movings on non-standard trajectories.

In football of the future much will change:
• Definition of a trajectory of flight of a ball and moving of players
• Definition of group interactions of single movements to a ball
• Technics of run with a ball and ways of transfers from different situations
• Rhythms of single and command actions in tactics of game of a command

For new football new players are necessary! It is necessary to be engaged in their preparation already now!

Services of the analytical center:
• Acquaintance to new techniques of trainings
• Definition of a level of skill of football players
• Development coordination and analytic-powers of thinking of football players
Estimation of a level of preparation of the player/command

(Tactical preparation, tactical thinking, psychological preparation, game thinking)

Development of individual programs of training of the player/commands
Development of tactical models of game
Development of the plan of preparation of commands on tactics of game on any cycles (an annual cycle, mesocycle tactics, a week cycle of tactics)
Development of the plan of preparation for short-term tournaments

Application forms for participation in seminars and development of programs
Are accepted by phone and the Internet
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