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Game Modelling — a program for creating successful variants of the coming game! We suggest an optimal system of certain tactical combinations. We also take into account that each player has individual psychological, physiological and mental peculiarities.

Work Steps:

On the basis of the stats our laboratory:
Game Modelling Program advantages

Effective game   The main aim of individual game model is to reach the effective game. This program helps see tactical charts and combinations, individual and team actions. Thus coaches can communicate their ideas more effectively.

Comprehensive scouting   Game Modelling Program collects stats about your opponents and suggests the methods of effective counter play. You will know your opponents better than they know themselves.

Recommendations   We analyze the game and give recommendations which will help you correct training process and improve your results

More time in your day   You don't need to spend much time on game analysis and data collection about your opponent. We' ll do all work for you. Our database is objective and professional.

More Money in your Budget   You don't need to spend a lot of money on player loan in order to improve your team performance. Make you players successful! We offer useful things. We give you a key for the solution of your problems.

Club prestige   Be among the best in the world! Choose a professional approach – your FC status and value depends on the degree of your proficiency.