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    In football, as well as in other games, there are many different ways and tendencies of development, but there are also new ideas that form new mentality and understanding of the game improvement principles. These could include: geometrical approach, the mathematical analysis and algorithms based on physical quantities.
    The Football of tomorrow won't be just «running» about the field, it will be graphically and mathematically built structure, the system with its own rules and laws. Tactical formations, such as 1 +4 +2 +4, «W-system», 1 +4 +3 +3, 1 +3 +6 +1, 1 +3 +5 +2, have modified football, have changed the game structure and teamwork on the pitch. Due to these innovations the game strategy of many teams has changed delighting millions of football fans.
    This process of developing will never stop. The changes will touch both technical and tactical aspects of the game:
the flying path of the ball;
the players` agility;
the manner of dribbling and passing the ball;
individual and group tactics;
game rhythms and so on.

    That's why, now club managers and coaches should pay special attention not only to the results shown on score boards, but also to the efficiency of tactical combinations. So the question is how to make the game strategy of one's team more effective and the game itself more spectacular? The answer is to make movements more intelligent, passes – faster and more precise, to use new methods, schemes and training programs that enhance the game results and let the team score more goals. Having applied all these innovations we will get a completely different play strategy, demanding mentally and physically advanced players, highly skillful in blocks, jockeying, tackling and assisting.
    The Football of tomorrow will be a football of matrix forms. «Matrix» is a kind of a table consisting of special data and various parameters organized the best way to regulate itself. So matrix is the basis of our three-dimensional world, common to any sphere of our life, and football in particular as a game which units millions of people all over the world. In matrix as a man-and-team-developing program there must be someone you have trust in, who will improve and manage the team play. The person must feel and understand all inner-processes, which rule the game now, all newest tendencies of tactics developing, including players technical skills and mental abilities.
     Changes in football are inevitable. We should realize the importance of events occurred in the players interaction on the football field.