Founder of projects

The company «New technologies. Football» enters the international market with the innovative project «Football 2100», focused as on the experts working in sphere of football, and on wide audience of fans and mass media.
Our company is engaged in the program of development and popularisation of this sport all over the world.


We offer you mutually advantageous cooperation in following directions:

1. Participation in the investment project on building of minifootball cities in tens World countries.

2. Creation of system of monitoring of systems of tracking movings of football players in the course of training.

3. Creation of uniform Base of the TACTICAL given football players of various age groups.
4. Introduction of the newest system of the tactical analysis of football matches.

5. Carrying out of testing and consultation of professional and amateur commands for definition of their characteristics: forms of movements and movings with correction of actions and a position choice in the field.

6 Creation of uniform database INTERNATIONAL SISTEMS, information interchange systems between mass-media, news agencies and the media holdings, informing on latest developments in sphere of the football, new strategy and tendencies of development of game.

7 TRAINING COACH FOOTBALL. Attraction of National football federations, professional football trainers to uniform information system of dialogue.

In carrying out of the Olympic Games of the World championships and Europe Leagues of CHAMPIONS and League of Europe interest to sports publications and reportings sharply increases, and we, offer you materials, which allow to create informative, authentic and full articles so to lift and fix a rating among your audience.

The professional coach with 30 summer experience and with the richest experience of scientifically practical work in various clubs, will prepare for you the tactical analysis of football matches in NEW DIRECTIONS of DEVELOPMENT of GAME.

The company «New technologies. Football»
The general director: Takmakov Alexander Vitalevich.