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Our company offers you an innovative project of Tactical Analysis football match, which is aimed both at professionals working in the field of football, and the wider audience of fans and the media.
FIRST, we offer you information that will attract the attention of multi-billion audience worldwide.
 The peculiarity of this method lies in the fact that the algorithms evaluate the effectiveness of football operations are based not only on statistical indicators, but also on complex systems analysis and geometry of the interaction between the players themselves. Thus, our method allows the analysis of football matches, games, individual players and teams in general.
Prepared by our center are the basic data, reference and illustration material for analysis and review articles devoted to football.
During the European Championship of interest to sports reports and publications is increasing rapidly, and we provide media materials that allow you to create informative, accurate and complete article, which means to raise and fix the rating of your audience.
Author methodology and development - with a professional trainer and thirty years of experience in various clubs, a graduate of the two academies and High School coaches who were trained in Italy and Spain, who worked in the complex scientific groups.
Who was the first to evaluate the significance and understanding of the tactical analysis of football matches, you will see a completely new structure of the play of geometric forms and proportions, in the relationships the players of two teams will understand the new direction of development of the game and attract additional attention of the audience.

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