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«Football City» - Sports Mecca of Russia

Working within the nationwide project «Healthy Nation», Scientific Analytical Center “Football - New technologies” advances the initiative to carry out a project «Football City», unique in its structure and directions of developing on the territory of Krasnodar region, which has no analogues in the world.

«Football City» is Sports Mecca of Russia. It's a new lifestyle for thousands of people uniting professionals and amateurs in one friendly family. It's healthy future of our generation!

Building up an integrated football training system for Russian professional clubs and providing children, youth and amateur teams with sport training grounds, professional analysis and control will give a unique opportunity to find young talented players throughout Russia and bring up new football stars for world football applying new training methods.

«Football city» is a nationwide project. It will help to develop Russia as a leading Football Power, give Russia the right to host the World Cup in 2018 and become an example to follow for all the countries.

Main directions of project developing

Science and sport (integrated football Analysis and Research Laboratory, professional and amateur teams coaching, Football Academy, sport training base – 24 fields, cutting-edge equipment, development of other kinds of sport)

Recreation and tourism (health complex, hotel complex, sports entertaining center, educational center, parks, embankment, cycle lanes, covered aqua park)

Sports village (cottage community design represents architectural styles of different countries, ecologically clean region, individual project conceptions, secondary school, ecologically clean transport)

Building KNOW-HOW («Green architecture» as a part of global ecosystem, ecologically safe materials, green technologies of recycling material debris and domestic garbage, resources saving systems, alternative sources of energy)

Project efficiency

  • «Football city» will attract football clubs and teams wishing to improve their technical and tactical skills.
  • Investing this project regions provide their teams, children and youth clubs with sport training base cutting their standby charges.
  • Housing in the outskirts according to the principles of «Green architecture» gives high yield, and is very attractive both to investors and to people who will live there.
  • Wisely planned multistage construction will give the possibility to put the objects into use before the construction of the whole complex is finished and will make the project repayable at an early stage.
  • Due to favorable climate conditions the training process will be held all the year round, which guarantees constant upkeep of the complex and makes the project remunerative.
  • «Football City» will be situated near Krasnodar, which will make it easy to reach and, therefore, popular with the citizens.
  • Highly developed system of transport communication makes the place convenient for teams and sport lovers from other regions of Russia to reach.
  • Hosting tournaments and championships will attract a lot of spectators and fans wishing to go in for sport.
  • «Football City» has a rather favorable geographical position: a lot of recreation centers and resorts in the mountains, near the Black Sea and the Asov Sea will draw more tourists to «Football City».
  • Large project performs the «magnit» function and will entice outside investors.
Project social importance
  • Formation of “Healthy Nation” idea
  • Building and further functioning of the sport complex:
    • Will involve a great number of labour force,
    • Will make sport activities more attractive and accessible not only to professional players but to parents, teenagers and children,
    • Will help to solve the problem of leisure activities for young people,
    • Will give an opportunity to carry out youth sport forums and activities which promote healthy lifestyle and make people environment conscious.

Region advantages for the project implementing
  • Advantageous geographic location: three international corridors between European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries are situated in the Krasnodar region.
  • Fertile climate allows to use the complex all the year round
  • Well-developed transport infrastructure includes three international airports, 8 seaports, one of the largest railway centres of southern Russia, highways.
  • High-skilled competitive labour force.
  • Significant economic potential of Krasnodar region:
    • - Fertile investment climate (the region takes one of the leading positions in Russia by volume of investments),
    • - Fast–paced financial sector,
    • - Krasnodar region is attractive for banking structures. The region is inside the top ten by level of representative offices.
  • Unique recreational resources which cause the development of tourist and leisure industry.
Place a bet on green! Choose ecologically clean business!

The idea of FNT is to build “Football City” according to the standards of “Green Architecture” — ecological architecture the main task of which is to construct the complex as a part of global ecosystem and to dissolve the buildings in the environment.

It must be performed according to the latest standards in constructing and engineering minimizing the influence on the environment.

Within the bounds of the current global crisis alternative sources of energy are expected to give a new impulse for world economy.

Green buildings are a little bit more expensive but:

  • Slight increase in expenses for projecting and materials will help to save substantial sum of money later.
  • Organic buildings help to dispose of 50-70% of waste products (complete recycling of building waste).
  • Rent rate rises by 3-10%,
  • Profits for invested capital rise by 6,6%.
  • In the trade an organic building rises in price by 7,5%.
  • They are economical — water and energy consumption goes down to 40%.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs is the advantage in the market of renters.

Implementation of Green Architecture principles makes possible to get LEED certificates (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) and this will make «Football City» attractive to foreign investors.

World standards of ecological cleanness and energy are very important for foreign investors. Many major foreign companies can't occupy a building without all required green passport. Thus, they suffer certain troubles with office rent in the Russian market. Green buildings give a great opportunity to achieve self-fulfilling in the Russian market. Hereinafter fertile investment climate will draw more project supporters.

Go green!