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Modeling in football can be understood in two ways: building a perfect player model and creating a team tactical model.

To build up a model you must...

  • Understand the game inner system: the game structure, the laws of game development, the process of enhancing the players' parameters, the manner of players' interaction with the opponents on the pitch;
  • Be able to manage the system i.e. choose the best ways to regulate the game within the frames of a pre-set tactical plan;
  • Predict direct and circumstantial consequences i.e. foresee how new tactical variations and new action forms will influence the game course and the score.
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A perfect player model — a tactical program for a particular player according to his position on the field and his tactical role. The main purpose of such individual program is to make the player' s work more contributing and, thereby, improve the play of the whole team.

Building up a model we take the data of a real player and transfer them to a desirable player image defining maximum and minimum permissible indexes of each parameter. The choice of vital parameters is determined by player's tactical role.

Having defined desirable image parameters we reverse them to a real player to check whether he is able to act according to pre-set tactical plan or will be able after a special training program.

Data received after the research are used to work out an individual training program - a set of exercises which helps to master player's technical and tactical skills and intellectual abilities.

Modeling in football is very perspective, because it gives opportunities to apply new technologies to life and make big progress in sport.

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