Football razgadayki

"Football clues" - a guide in the world of football. The history of football counts ... thousands of years, it still has a lot of unknown and amazing, as on an unknown planet. The magazine will help you to become a connoisseur of football, will be a reliable guide for you.


"Football razgadayki" - wordplay magazine. This is a magazine for those who love football, who are almost a professional fan of the game or an avid fan. This is an opportunity to test yourself and show off your erudition.

"Football razgadayki" - the magazine for big and small. Magazine professionally and fully give useful information for moms and dads of young players. And on the" Children's pages " little readers from room to room will get acquainted with football, its history, fun facts through stories, puzzles and riddles.

"Football clues" - live magazine. We not only share with you unique, interesting and relevant information about the world of football, but also offer you to become a participant of competitions. We welcome live communication and look forward to your feedback and advice. The stories illustrated by our artists come to life on the pages of the magazine!






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