A service to improve brain performance and develop cognitive functions: attention, memory, thinking through test questions and specialized courses. At the core of the simulators is based on the Russian and foreign methods of preparation of footballers of different age and level of training. At the heart of cognitive processes, scientific knowledge about the structure of perception, attention,memory and thinking. To achieve a rapid developmental effect, the intelligent system generates an individual development program.It is built on the basis of data on the level of development of attention and memory. Each player of different age and readiness is tested, during which the brain activity is determined by the neuro interfaces before, during and after the test - training. This verifies effectiveness and efficiency.



Based on studies of brain activity, we have created a flexible training program for brain functions. Training is based on alternating exercises in such a way that the strengths serve as the Foundation for the development of the weaker. At the same time, the development is synchronous - the indicators of strong functions are improved and the indicators of weak ones grow. This allows the brain to start working more efficiently in a shorter period of time. Become more effective-an innovative approach to training your brain!!!